Recorded Webinar: February 27, 2014

ioControl and Hyper-V: How QoS Eliminates the I/O Blender Effect

The random nature of I/O requests coming from multiple VMs in a virtual environment challenges a traditional storage infrastructure, resulting in unpredictable and often unsatisfactory performance for mission-critical applications. Join this webinar to learn about the unique QoS engine available with Fusion ioControl Hybrid Storage that lets you set performance levels for important business applications to ensure performance and eliminate the impact of the I/O blender in a Hyper-V environment. You’ll learn:

  • How QoS allows you to comfortably virtualize a higher percentage of your applications
  • How the QoS engine guarantees performance to each application and isolates workloads from one another
  • How to avoid wastefully overprovisioning storage resources to combat the I/O blender effect

Review this educational webinar to learn about the value of QoS in a virtual environment and the results customers have experienced in their Hyper-V environments.