Live Webinar:

Consolidate More Data Intensive Workloads and Manage Storage According to Business Priorities


October 24, 2013


10:00AM Mountain


Fusion-io’s industry leading ioMemory platform unlocked the true potential of flash media with better and more consistent performance, improved reliability, and better capacity utilization.

Fusion ioControl Hybrid Storage is the only hybrid storage system to combine the performance of ioMemory and the capacity of disk all managed under Fusion Quality of Service (QoS) software for the best combined $/IOPS and $/GB and ability to provision, prioritize and control storage resources based on your business priorities.

In this webinar we’ll cover how ioControl QoS has extended its powerful Quality of Service (QoS) software to Data Protection to maximize system efficiency, demonstrate how a new policy-based user interface simplifies management, and show how new ioControl SPX Solutions have increased its performance advantage enabling you to consolidate even more data intensive workloads such as SQL or ones in VMware environments.