ioTurbine Fast Flash Program: Virtually Anything is Possible

By linking server performance and storage resources, caching data optimizes IT infrastructure and maximizes the efficiency of each system. The Fusion ioTurbine Fast Flash Program helps IT professionals enhance their own expertise in the rapidly growing IT practice of caching.

The Fast Flash Program features:

  • Free, non-intrusive assessments of specific customer workloads with ioTurbine Profiler software;
  • Return on investment analysis
  • Hands-on integration support with technical experts; and
  • Volume pricing for enterprises adding caching in multiple servers.

Launching today and continuing until the end of the VMware Partner Exchange conference in February 2014, the Fast Flash Program provides an ideal way to integrate caching solutions while learning from industry-leading flash memory and caching experts.

To learn more, just send us your details and we will get in touch to schedule an education session with a flash expert near you.